Untuk bahasa Indonesia silakan KLIK DI SINI

TOPIK [Test of Proficiency in Korean]- 한국어 능력 시험, is the International standard Korean language test held BY NIIED [National Institute for International Education] as one of the requirements to GO TO college in Korea .

TOPIK test is divided into two levels, namely TOPIK 1 [consists of Korean Language levels 1-2] and TOPIK 2 [consists of Korean level 3-6]. Universities in Korea highly recommend foreign students to pass TOPIK [with a certain level standard] in order to obtain a scholarship.

Therefore, AEC Semarang opened a preparatory study of TOPIK program, where students already passed Korean minimal 1B level. The material will be given to this course is a tryout and discussion of TOPIK [most recently published by NIIED]

Here are the details of the course Preparation TOPIK:

Informasi & Pendaftaran

Satu pemikiran pada “TOPIK PREPARATION

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