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Brief History of AEC Semarang

Akhil Education Centre [AEC] Semarang is an official and registered foundation in Education Department of Semarang and Ministry of Law and Human Right Republic of Indonesia. Our Foundation works on Educational Fields such as a Foreign Language Training Program.  Our language training program covers English, Korean, Japanese, French, Mandarin, German and Spanish for children, youth, adult and professional. Besides, we also work on subject courses for primary, secondary and high school levels.

Another great demanded programs in AEC Semarang is International Exchange Program named Student Immersion and Internship Program. Our highly request countries for student immersion program are Singapore, Japan, Republic of Korea, Australia and Taiwan. Student immersion program is dedicated for primary, secondary and high school levels last for 5 – 10 days.  While Internship program is mostly targeted to Republic of Korea and Thailand which is dedicated for university student. This Internship program last for 1 – 3 months depends on the hosting countries.

Our Vision

To establish a reliable education institution which provides an excellent Foreign Language Training in order to educate and improve the quality of young people to strengthen the nation’s pride.

Our Mission

  1. Improving service quality and management of educational institutes.
  2. Providing educational program [language training, student immersion and study abroad] which are urgently needed in the business sector.
  3. Creating programs which are innovative, creative and beneficial to the public welfare.
  4. Taking an active role in reducing the poverty and improving the quality of human resources.

Company History and Milestone Timeline 2015 – now:


  • Language Training: Korean
  • Language Training: English
  • Interpreter
  • Student Immersion: Korea
  • Educational Counselling
  • Subject Courses


  • Language Training: Japanese
  • Student Immersion: Japan
  • Internship: Korea
  • Ex- school program: language training [Korean]
  • Internship: Thailand


  • Language Training: Mandarin
  • Study abroad: Japan and Korea
  • Internship: Korea


  • Language Training: French
  • Student Immersion: Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Australia
  • Youth Exchange Service (YES) Korea


  • Student Immersion: Taiwan
  • Translation [documents]


  • Language Training: German
  • Language Training: Spanish
  • Online Language Training: Korean, Mandarin

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