International Teaching Program in Thailand just completed

August 10, 2015 AEC Semarang with full of heart sent our beloved interns Mr. Faisal Mansur and Ms. Satiul Komariah. Both of them are the intern from our beloved partner university, UNISSULA Semarang for International Teaching Program [ITP]  in Thailand. Living in another country, getting to know new culture and people are long last life experience. Here is their story:

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When you hear the word of “Thailand” you will imagine that the country where people in majority is Buddhist, but perhaps just few people who exactly know that in the southern part of Thailand there is a province called Satun. Where people in Satun is majority Muslim. I was so honored because we got chance to visit Satun, where many people from abroad do an exchange or internship here. They came from Japan, France, Gana and Indonesia. It is very interesting that I got chance as an intern participating for International teaching program. I got opportunity to do projects, become an English teacher and managed an observation about the education system. I   also felt very comfort with the condition here, cause the environment is still natural and the cultures that exist in Satun is very unique. Not to mentioned about Thai food which are popular worldwide such as Tomyam, kang som, Paatay, Luchin, chayen that have special taste.

In satun province we were not only become English teacher but also we also had a chance to observe the education system and make a report and present to the research team Thailand. And then, we also visit many festival there for example Science celebration in Prince of Songkla University at Hatyai province. Where all student in Thailand can go and watch many things about science and for free. That was my first time to see the part of human body like brain, elbow, arm, knee and another part of body that show in public. That was amazing experience that I ever had. And then we also have a chance to see another project of Dalaa so we can meet new friends from around the world. It is very interesting. I will never forget this experience. Thank you Jaariyatam School, Thank you DaLaa, Thank You Community based Tourism (CBT), Thank You AEC Semarang and thank you CILAD UNISSULA. Thank you For everything.

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