12 Korean University had signed a MoU or LoI with AEC Semarang

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20150912_134511Jakarta, “Korean Colleges Education Expo 2015” was successfully performed on Sept 12 – 13, 2015. AEC Semarang received an invitation from SEAMOLEC to participate in order to establish cooperation with university or college of Korea. There were more than 10 universities and colleges took part to this expo and 12 of them had signed a MoU or LoI with AEC Semarang.

The universities or colleges which signed the MoU or LoI were:

  •     Sunlin College
  •     Ulsan College
  •     Yong-in Songdam College
  •     Gumi University
  •     Kyungnam College of Information and Technology
  •     Yeungnam University College
  •     Gwangju Health University
  •     Vision University College of Jeonju
  •     Korea University of Media Arts
  •     Busan Institute of Science and Technology
  •     Gyeongnam Geochang Provincial College
  •     Cheju Halla University

In addition, AEC Semarang also successfully signed the LoI with SEAMOLEC Jakarta (Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Regional Open Learning Centre).

Here are our special documentation while attending the event, as well as the time of signing the MoU and LoI with Korea Universities or colleges and SEAMOLEC:

20150912_105304 20150912_115158 20150912_122616 20150912_142529 20150912_144738 20150912_151855 20150913_122155


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